Abalone Diving Videos

When I dive, I wear a GoPro Hero HD video camera on my head. I review the video after each dive to learn and refine my diving techniques. Using the videos, I can log how long my bottom time is as well as how long my rest periods are between dives. It is also fun to relive the dive and watching to see if I missed anything with my eyes that I captured with the camera. I am using this page to post the videos from various dives. I have edited them using Pinnacle Studio in order to shorten them and focus only on the footage that I think may be of interest. Remember, these are not meant to be instructional, rather just video documentation of my dives. Enjoy!

Roger V. Rude

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21 05 2011
ken loomis

Hi Roger,

I was just wondering if 2011 boards are ready? available ? and if you’ve made any upgrades to the fastners? Also I’m looking at purchasing a new suit and wanted to get a camo one for spearfishing. I was wondering how you liked yours and who makes it? I currently dive with a 7.5mm one piece “EXCEL” w/ front zip. Unfortunately its all black and with my split fins I feel like a seal!


21 05 2011

I haven’t done a build yet this year, but I hope to soon. I wear a Yazbeck 7mm and I am quite happy with it. I switched from split fins to long blades and noticed quite a difference in my bottom time. Call Vanessa at http://www.freediveshop.com and tell her I sent you. Great Whites are selective feeders so the less I look like there favorite meal the better.

12 01 2012
Eric Stockwell

Great stuff, Roger! I particularly liked your article in the PD. Happy diving.

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