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Artist Bio for Roger V. Rude

Roger V. Rude is a retired Lieutenant from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. He has had a life long love affair with the sea, surfing and diving the California Coast while growing up. As part of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team, Dive Team, Marine Unit and Helicopter Unit, Roger spent a significant amount of his 32 year career as a first responder in, under, or over coastal waters, while rescuing abalone divers and others from their misadventures with the sea.

In 2013 Roger spent five months crossing the Central Pacific from China to the U.S. on a small boat, stopping at numerous Pacific Island groups where he observed the art work of various indigenous peoples that communicated their intimate relationship with the sea. Roger believes that art is the manifestation of the essence of being human, along with love and respect for all forms of life and the environment. As a free diver on the north coast, he collects empty and sea sculpted abalone shells. Using these shells as a medium, he expresses his love and respect for nature through his wearable art.

Abalone shells are a notoriously difficult medium to work with, but the stunning results are well worth the effort. Through countless hours of working with abalone shells, Roger has developed techniques and tools that have unleashed his creativity in this medium. “My happy place is 30 feet under the sea on a breath, or making art.”

Roger’s contact info:
Email: rvrude@hotmail.com
Website: Rudeview.com
Phone: 707-529-5393image

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